Ethnicity, Race in society, Various, Genetics, human anthropology, typology, and so on.
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 NY abt 2300 years ago !

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PostSubject: NY abt 2300 years ago !   Sat Nov 22, 2008 10:50 pm

ethio I can't get on the new board at all now. tell everyone bye for me.
so I am just going to post this one here!
now that date probably could vary because they don't know the effects of the meteors or it's type of meteor on the magic times machines
2300 or even 3000 years later for that matter. I do wish that the guy who found the ohio valley spheres and nano diamonds and the one who found the spheres and diamonds in NC and VA .. and this lady would all get together, if they did just maybe they might figure it out yet..! maybe Idea No
( ps those smilies are great here)
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NY abt 2300 years ago !
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